Monday, 18 April 2016

Optimization and Generalization of Solids Control System

At the present time, the majority of the solids control system is of four or five steps which consist of make a whole mud shale shaker. But the drilling fit brings a smaller amount gas or not at all produces dangerous gas; vacuum degasser should not essentially be applied in solids control system by use of the

According to reproduction research, the mixture of high organization shale shaker and changeable rate centrifuge, which is double steps to boring the mud solids control, will change conventional five step drilling mud distribution. This mean result is capable to achieve energy discussion by removing desander divider and desilter detach. If approve multi-stages partition system, yet to boring the mud shale shaker might be removed. This bold design thought, to various extents, will really make simpler solids control meeting, decrease power supply demands, optimize mud container units fixing, decrease the amount of mud containers and decrease storage mud containers, which are the entire contribute to apparently improving dispensation efficiency, dropping dispensation time, rising drilling protection.
Oil field to bore in the mud solid control is just before treat and recover the drilling mud go back in the direction of the ground as of well during solids control scheme or else a few solids control utensils. The solids control scheme can successfully divide the big drilling cuttings, barite and extra large solid elements within the drilling mud go back toward the ground since well. The delighted drilling mud is able to be used yet again, to decreased drilling prices and save from harm environment.

At the present time, the major solids control tools into oil field drilling mud hard control consist of: desander, shale shaker, desilter, mud cleaner, sand pump, decanter centrifuge, mud/gas separator, mud agitator, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, screw conveyor, shear pump, electronic ignition device, mud gun etc. This equipment can as well be extensively affected to ore cataloging, sludge dewatering, starch separation, sludge dewatering and other trading.

There are two clear changes going on the organization construction design on the Mostly, set vacuum degasser earlier than to make a hole in mud shale shaker. The conventional put into practice is to divide make a hole in mud and then divide gas. As soon as gas is of huge amount and slowly release, it will include risk to security production. Specific vacuum degasser would be set on the 1st place and carry out degas dispensation, which is helpful to decrease harm to units and operator.